Manufacturing_CristopiaKehems Technologies Pvt. Ltd.’s manufacturing plant at Village Umrikheda, Indore, strives to create products that add comfort to the lives of people. It is supported by a network of knowledge bases throughout the world and showcases the use of advanced technology and equipments. Our comprehensive quality control system features centrally computerised management of quality and production data to facilitate first-rate production within scheduled time.

We are aware of the important role that a pleasant working environment plays to help produce better-quality products. Therefore, we take due consideration to craft friendly working environment for our team members. Besides, our quality control system and corporate activities help to ensure compliance with international quality checks and environmental management standards.

Living our quality commitment we manufacture highly energy efficient bring to life from high quality components, all the way imported from best sources world over. By reducing the supply lead-time and meeting market needs in terms of product specifications, we plan to strengthen our India leadership.

Our manufacturing facility ISO 9001:2008 certified is designed in line with our corporate philosophy of being an organisation committed to environment protection and employs measures to fully recycle water. Breathing our Go-Greener commitment, over 50 percent of the open space is left as green area and filled with green trees and plants.

Kehems Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Umrikheda facility incorporates global Environmental Management System (EMS), which has been implemented in the plant and promotes adapting procedures for refrigerant handling, resource conservation and waste management.

Testing Facility

Quality is assured by our on-site, world-class testing and production facilities and the application of the latest manufacturing techniques and continuous improvement. Kehems Technologies Pvt. Ltd. dedicated test facility is the only purpose- built of its kind and is AHRI certified. Here all our product lines are performance tested for Local and Global market. Accurate test data is produced. Rigorous test are conducted for accurate measurement of product sound data.AHRI _Cristopia_ Water Cooled Range

Load conditions are simulated right from early development of a new product through to final assembly. Cooling and heating capacities of test units range from 10kw up to 2MW. Customers can witness-test products to verify duty and energy performance to ensure they will meet operational requirements.